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upcoming ps5 games

The PlayStation 5 keeps to redefine graphical constancy, imparting gamers now not handiest immersive gameplay but additionally jaw-dropping visuals. With a constant stream of upcoming PS5 games in 2024 and past, there may be usually something to look ahead to for players who crave beautiful reviews. Here are 7 interesting upcoming PS5 games boasting visuals so one can depart you in awe:

1. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Release Date: Winter 2024)

This rather anticipated sequel to the severely acclaimed Final Fantasy VII Remake alternatives up where the first part left off. Players will explore the considerable expanse of the Gaia planet, venturing beyond the confines of Midgar with Cloud Strife and his partners. Square Enix promises a substantial visual leap ahead, showcasing the power of the PS5 with even greater detailed environments, man or woman models, and breathtaking vistas. Expect sprawling landscapes bathed in colorful colors, complex cityscapes teeming with lifestyles, and epic battles rendered in superb detail.

2. Silent Hill 2 Remake (Release Date: TBA)

The iconic mental horror name, Silent Hill 2, is getting a hauntingly beautiful remake for the PS5. Bloober Team, the developers in the back of severely acclaimed horror games like Layers of Fear and The Medium, is on the helm. They promise to keep the essence of the original even as amping up the scares with the electricity of the subsequent-gen era. Imagine exploring the foggy streets of the fictional metropolis of Silent Hill with photo realistic environments, enhanced lighting fixtures and shadow results with a purpose to play hints on your thoughts, and ugly monsters rendered in terrifying detail.

3. Tekken 8 (Release Date: Early 2025)

upcoming ps5 games

The King of Iron Fist Tournament returns in Tekken eight, promising not most effective excessive fighting motion but also a visual spectacle. Bandai Namco Studios is leveraging the PS5’s capabilities to supply the most visually beautiful Tekken game yet. Expect meticulously detailed man or woman fashions that show off each bead of sweat and wrinkle of garb at some stage in intense fits. Environments will come alive with dynamic lights and weather effects, adding some other layer of immersion to the already-severe combat.

4. Rise of the Ronin (Release Date: Late 2024)

This upcoming PS5 games open-international movement RPG from Team Ninja, the developers in the back of the Nioh collection, takes players on a thrilling journey through a brutal, war-torn feudal Japan.

The hardware of the PS5 facilitates the creation of expansive, visually captivating environments bustling with vitality. Lush forests will sway inside the wind, bustling cities could be filled with targeted NPCs, and imposing castles will stand as testaments to the era’s grandeur. Combat promises to be similarly marvelous, with practical sword clashes, particle effects that showcase the effect of every blow, and distinct blood splatter that provides a layer of visceral depth.

5. Marvel’s Wolverine (Release Date: TBA)

Insomniac Games, the builders behind the significantly acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man video games, is taking over every other iconic Marvel hero with Marvel’s Wolverine. While details are scarce, glimpses in trailers trace at a visually stunning international that captures the essence of Wolverine’s gritty, violent adventures. Expect unique environments that showcase the filth and grit of Wolverine’s world, from dingy bars to sprawling forests. The violence guarantees to be visceral, with designated animations and results that capture the ferocity of Wolverine’s fight fashion.

6. Stellar Blade (Release Date: Mid-2024)

upcoming ps5 games

This upcoming action RPG from Korean developer SHIFT UP has fast garnered interest for its lovely visuals. The game takes area in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity struggles to live on. The upcoming PS5 games permits for the advent of a hauntingly stunning international, with towering, decaying skyscrapers shrouded in mist and plush plant life reclaiming deserted cityscapes. Character models are meticulously certain, showcasing the feelings and physical tolls of surviving on this harsh international. Combat promises to be equally extraordinary, with fluid animations and particle consequences that carry the effect of each blow to lifestyles.

7. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Remake (Release Date: TBA)

Konami returns to being considered one of its maximum cherished franchises with a remake of Metal Gear Solid three: Snake Eater for the PS5. While specific info are yet to be found out, the strength of the PS5 guarantees a good sized visual improve. Imagine the dense jungles of South America recreated in lovely elements, with lush foliage, sensible weather effects, and meticulously crafted environments that immerse gamers inside the global. Character fashions will in all likelihood be overhauled, shooting the essence of the long-lasting characters with a degree of element in no way seen before.

These are only a few of the many exciting upcoming PS5 games that boast stunning visuals. With builders pushing the limits of the console’s hardware, the future of gaming on PlayStation is calling brighter than ever. So, prepare to be amazed via breathtaking landscapes.


1. What are the most expected games for PS5?

Gamers eagerly await several upcoming PS5 games. These include:

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Explore a vast, visually stunning world beyond Midgar.
  • Silent Hill 2 Remake: A hauntingly beautiful reimagining of the iconic horror classic.
  • Marvel’s Wolverine: immersing yourself in its gritty atmosphere and breathtaking visuals while engaging in adrenaline-pumping combat sequences
  • Tekken 8: Witness the next chapter in the fighting game franchise with breathtaking graphics.
  • Rise of the Ronin: Experience a brutal war-torn Japan brought to life in stunning detail.

2. Will there be PS4 games in 2024?

Yes, there will likely be upcoming PS4 games in 2024 alongside PS5 titles. However, the focus might shift towards PS5 development as the generation matures.

3. What big game is coming out in 2024?

Several big games are expected in 2024, including Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Rise of the Ronin, and Stellar Blade. Release dates may vary depending on the title.

4. What GPU is equivalent to PS5 Pro?

There is no official PS5 Pro yet, but a high-end PC with an RTX 3080 or Radeon RX 6800 XT could offer similar graphical performance.

5. Do PS4 games look better on PS5?

Some PS4 games can benefit from PS5’s boost mode, offering improved frame rates or resolution on the newer console. However, they won’t reach the graphical fidelity of native PS5 games.

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